Monday, November 17, 2008

Camera Shots

Ha! Bet you thought you would see some interesting photos - nope. Just wanted to show you the camera I'm using. I like it because it is BIG. How we came by it though is an interesting story.

My sister-in-law is a teacher in a local high school. When she came to be at that school a couple of years ago she cleaned out a store room and this camera was in the box. A student had inserted the floppy disk incorrectly so now it didn't work. She took it to a camera shop where it cost $70 to get a quote on how much to fix it. It was going to be over $300 to fix. As the camera was already several years old (although only used once or twice), the department wrote it off and replaced it with something new. As my husband is the local "I can fix anything" guy it was passed on to him, complete with all original packaging, books and software.

My husband took a look at it when we got it home, removed a cover, heard a little spring sound, put it back together and it was fixed. Less than a 10 minute job. He didn't actually fix anything, just made it possible for the little part that had been shoved out of place to return to its correct position. He offered it back to my SIL but she said it had already been written off and it was too old anyway to use. Further examination revealed that it also took a memory stick. This camera has a lot of neat features which I won't go in to but I'm slowly learning to use it. It's been in the cupboard for a little while now and I've only started using it since I've been blogging.

Must away now to accomplish something tangible in the house before work.



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